SCDA Membership

By becoming a full member of SCDA you will get:

  • The Omnibus Schedule with details and entry forms for all SCDA events for the coming year, along with your SCDA Membership card.
  • Insurance cover at SCDA events and other BC affiliated clubs’ events 
  • Participation in the Gee Gee Rugwash Scottish Points League
  • The opportunity to take part in Indoor and Grass Roots events, and any clinics and training days
  • The ability to influence the sport in Scotland and the UK through our links with British Carriagedriving
  • Voting rights according to the constitution

There are two ways to join:

First Year – Full Membership – Half Price – offer extended!!
SCDA offers half price Full Membership for 2022 to any new member: £20 (normally £40), and half price Young Driver Membership for 2022 to any new young driver member (aged 8-25): £12.50 (normally £25).


  • Valid for all events run under the auspices of SCDA and other BC affiliated clubs in 2022, with no limit, for the one calendar year only
  • Open to drivers who have not been Full or Young Driver Members of SCDA before 2022
  • Provides all the benefits of Full Membership, including the insurance cover at SCDA events, and other BC affiliated clubs provided by the governing body British Carriagedriving.

The membership subscription must be paid before taking part in any SCDA event.   Simply choose the “Introductory Discount” box on the online form (or write NEW MEMBER if you’ve printed the form)

Please do not hesitate to contact the secretary at for any further advice or details.

Please note that first-time competitors at SCDA events must follow the BC competence assessment procedure suggested for affiliated clubs, details of which can be found on the British Carriagedriving website

Membership rates for 2022

Full Member
Benefits as above

Young Driver
As full members, ages 8-25

Omnibus Schedule, newsletters, conference and AGM
(no voting rights on constitutional matters, although these seldom arise).

British Carriagedriving (BC) is the governing body for horse driving trials competitions in Great Britain. All regularly competing carriage drivers are encouraged to become members of BC. It is compulsory for all drivers and grooms to be members of British Carriagedriving in order to compete at National Horse Driving Trials.

The benefits of British Carriagedriving membership are:

  • Able to compete at National driving events
  • Selection for International competition
  • Regular Newsletters and a Yearbook
  • Members Personal Liability Insurance Cover
  • Members Personal Accident Insurance
  • Voting at the British Carriagedriving AGM

British Carriagedriving will give the Scottish Carriage Driving Association a discount in our affiliation fees for every SCDA member who is also a member of the British Carriagedriving. Please indicate on the membership application form if you are or intend to become a member of British Carriagedriving. For more information about British Carriagedriving and current membership rates, please visit