The Scottish Points League

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GeeGee Rugwash Scottish Points League 2018

1. The league is only open to SCDA Full members.

2. Points are available in all classes, except Leisure classes which do not qualify for points, at all SCDA Club events, and in Club classes at the British Carriagedriving Regional and National events held in Scotland. Points are not available at SCDA Grassroots and Indoor events.
Points are also available to SCDA members who compete in the Advanced, Open, Intermediate and Novice classes at Raehills and Hopetoun events. The International classes will not have points awarded. Club classes are also available at both these events. Scores from SCDA members across the classes will be amalgamated and apportioned to the competitor's relevant Club category of the Points league.

3. The league points will be awarded in the above classes as follows: 10 points for the highest placed SCDA member, 9 points for second highest, 8 points for third highest, and so on to 1 point for tenth place.

  • SCDA member winning class at a Club event: 10 points.
  • SCDA members coming third and fourth behind two non-SCDA members at a Club event: 10 points and 9 points respectively.
  • SCDA member coming second behind a non-SCDA member in a Club class at a Regional or National in Scotland: 10 points.
  • SCDA member coming third behind two non-SCDA members in Intermediate Horse class at a Regional or National in Scotland where Club classes were also available: 10 points (recorded in the Single Horse category in the league points. It is therefore possible for more than one SCDA member to have 10 points recorded in the Single Horse class, for example, at Raehills the third placed in the Intermediate class above, and the winner of the Single Horse club class.)

4. The maximum number of events that will count towards a memberís Points League placing will be one less than the number of events taking place. A competitorís best placings will be used to calculate his/her points total if he/she has competed in more than the number of eligible events. A memberís points will count irrespective of which horse or pony he/she is driving in a particular class. If the member competes in a different class, separate points will be awarded for the different class.

5. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the competitor with the lowest aggregate marathon score in the events which the tying competitors have in common.

Scottish Points League Archive


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