Hopetoun Regional / SCDA Club event, July 30th/31st

Notes / information for competitors

We thought we’d put together a post, listing some bits and pieces of information about the July event. Here goes….

There will be a Club Novice class – the latest schedule is available (and it’s also on the events listing page. Entries can be made using the usual SCDA entry form – for details of how to enter, see the schedule.

If you would like to do an additional dressage test, they are available at £10 each, notify when entering please.

Marathon – there is a new route this year of approximately 13km, 7 obstacles for the Regional Classes, except National Novices who will drive 6 obstacles. Club Classes will drive 6 obstacles. Club Novices will omit Section A.

Obstacle Cone Driving – to be driven in Arena 2 immediately after Dressage

Gateway Classes: Briefing 08.30 Sunday. Dressage will be in Arena 1 at 09.00 followed immediately by cones in Arena 2

BC Regional entries are made via BC/myClubhouse – BC members can also enter Gateway classes there. SCDA members can enter Club and Gateway classes – please use the SCDA entry form.

ATV’s/Scooters: Protective Headgear must be worn. Protective Headgear must also be worn on the event field when exercising ridden or driven horses/ponies

Catering: There will be no catering facilities on the event field