BC Gateway Classes at Hopetoun – 29th May & 31st July 2022

BC Gateway is a competition for newcomers to the sport of Carriage Driving. SCDA is pleased to be offering competitors the chance to enter Gateway classes at this year’s Hopetoun National Driving Trials, which run from the 27th – 29th May 2022, and also at the Hopetoun Regional Event 30th/31st July.

The Gateway classes will be held on the final day of each event – Sunday 29th May and Sunday 31st July. Gateway is in 3 parts: Compulsory Shapes (dressage), Cones and four Obstacles. Any carriage, cart or trap can be used, but competitors must pass a safety check before they start.

For full details of how the Gateway competitions work, the entry requirements and eligibility criteria, please see this document – it’s a downloadable PDF file.

Entering a Gateway class

Entries for the gateway classes can be made via the BC website if you’re a member of BritishCarriagedriving. Just head to the members login page.

SCDA entries / schedule

SCDA members who are not BC members should complete the SCDA Entry Form 2022 and send it to the Hopetoun entries secretary Louise McCutcheon (louise@wellsgray.co.uk).

Gateway classes cost £75 to enter – details of the SCDA classes and how to pay can be found on the Hopetoun May/SCDA Club Event Schedule and the Hopetoun July/SCDA Club Event Schedule. Any competitor in the Gateway classes who would be willing to be a steward at the event will be offered at £10 discount (i.e. £65 to enter).

We look forward to seeing you at Hopetoun!!