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UPDATE 17th MARCH 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the UK government announcement today, the Directors of SCDA have taken the very difficult decision to cancel all events with immediate effect.

We thank all of our members, organisers, officials, volunteers and staff for their support during these unprecedented times.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will resume sporting activity as soon as we are able.

For the full statement from the SCDA directors, please see this post

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Please note that the SCDA entry form for outdoor events has been updated.  It’s available in the reference section, or click on the link in the events menu.

February 2020

Feb 29th / Mar 1st Townfoot / The Pines
Jan de Boer / Carol Boswell  Details

March 2020

8th Fountain EC, Aberdeen

15th  Coxhill, Falkirk

22nd  Fountain EC, Aberdeen

April 2020

11th/12th Seacliff
Jan de Boer / Carol Boswell  Details

19th  Dunbog (Club Novice Points)


May 2020

2nd  Maryculter
Dressage / Cones / Presentation
Obstacles for eventers
Difficulties for Attelage

16-17th Work Party, Hopetoun, South Queensferry

19th-21st  Hopetoun
Jan de Boer / Carol Boswell  Details

21st – 24th Hopetoun, South Queensferry 

30th-31st   Glamis – Attelage

June 2020

6th  Cothal, Aberdeen (Club Novice Points)

18th-21st Royal Highland Show

19th-21st  Seacliff
Jan de Boer / Carol Boswell  Details

July 2020

4th-5th Hopetoun SCDA Club event (Club Novice Points)

17th-19th   Allerton Park, North Yorkshire (Halspan League)

25th-26th   Raehills, Dumfries (Halspan League)

July 31st – Aug 2nd  Onley, Rugby (Halspan League)

August 2020

8th-9th Townfoot, Dolphinton (Club Novice Points)

16th Lourin Fair, Aberdeenshire (Club Novice Points)

21st-23rd Seacliff
Jan de Boer / Carol Boswell  Details

28th-30th   Bywell, Northumberland (Halspan League & Championships)

September 2020

17th-20th BC National Championships, Ashfields, Essex

October 2020

2nd-4th Seacliff
Jan de Boer / Carol Boswell  Details

11th Fountain EC, Aberdeen

18th Coxhill, Falkirk

25th Fountain EC, Aberdeen