Events 2022

For training events, please request a place via email to for Jan de Boer training clinics or for Anna Grayston training clinics.

For SCDA events, you can download the 2022 entry form here (please note this form was updated on 20th March – correction to the dressage tests available to choose). It’s a PDF file so you can either fill it in on your computer or tablet, or you can download and print it. If you have any issues with the form, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you asap.

For Gateway events (Hopetoun May and Hopetoun July), please see this page for further details

(click on link for schedule)
6thArdmedden, AberdeenSCDA Indoor
11th/12thThe Pines, Symington,
Biggar, ML12 6JX
Jan de Boer
training clinic
13thCoxhill, FalkirkSCDA Indoor Grassroots
20thArdmedden, AberdeenSCDA Indoor
9th / 10thThe Pines, Symington,
Biggar, ML12 6JX
Jan de Boer
training clinic
14thSeacliff, North Berwick, East LothianRoger Campbell Training Clinic
17thDunbogSCDA Grassroots /
Club Novice Points League
7th/8thCardrossSCDA Club-Schedule
21st/22ndHopetounJan de Boer
training clinic +
Carol Boswell
Novice Training
27th-29thHopetoun (1)BC National / FEI CAI 2* /
SCDA Club / BC Gateway
11thCothal, AberdeenSCDA Grassroots /
Club Novice Points League
16thTownfoot, Dolphinton, West LintonJan de Boer training clinic
2nd/3rdSeacliff, North Berwick, East LothianSCDA Club
16th/17thAberdeenshireAnna Grayston
training clinic (provisional)
23rd/24thSeacliff, North Berwick, East LothianJan de Boer
training clinic
30th-31stHopetoun (2)BC Regional /
SCDA Club /
BC Gateway
13th/14thLourin Fair, AberdeenshireSCDA Club /
SCDA Grassroots /
Club Novice Points
20th/21stTownfoot, West Linton SCDA Club
28thBrechinSCDA Grassroots
3rd-5thSeacliff, North Berwick, East LothianJan de Boer
training clinic
10th/11thAberdeenshire Anna Grayston
training clinic (provisional)
9thArdmedden, Aberdeen SCDA Indoor
16thCoxhill, FalkirkSCDA Indoor Grassroots
23rdArdmedden, Aberdeen SCDA Indoor
29thSCDA PARTY, Perth
Dates to be advisedTry Driving day @ Seacliff
Obstacle driving day/
Novice training @ Seacliff
Novice training day @ The Pines, Symington
Novice training day @ Forfar