Event Schedules 2022

Please find below the schedules for events in 2022. You can also find the schedules by visiting our Events Listing page and clicking on the blue links on the right hand side of the page.

These are all PDF files – if you have any problems opening or reading the files, please send me an email (website@scda.co.uk) and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Dunbog – 17th April (revised 20/3/2022 – correction to dressage test options)
Cardross – 7th/8th May
Hopetoun (1) – 27th-29th May
Cothal – 11th June
Seacliff – 2nd/3rd July
Hopetoun (2) – 30th/31st July
Lourin Fair – 13th/14th August
Townfoot – 20th/21st August
Coxhill – 16th October

Please use the SCDA 2022 Entry Form (v2 – revised 20/3/2022) – you can download it by clicking on this link.