Dunbog event – general information for competitors (updated 14/4/2022)

Running Order for Sunday 17th April 2022
Open Pony / FEI 2*
1 Susan Don10:00
2 Patsy Muir Simpson10:10
Novice Pony / BC Novice Test
3 Jane Squirrell10:20
4 Vicki Largue10:30
5 Wendy Scott10:40
6 Jade Christie10:50
7 Laura Chaffe11:00
8 Rachel Stewart11:10
15 min break
Pony Pairs / Test 2
9 Ian Gilbert11:35
10 Hamish Reid11:45
Small Pony / Test 2
11 Sasha Crookston11:55
Open Pony / Test 2
12 Heather Reid12:05
13 Pam MacArthur12:15
14 Janet Pilling12:25
25 min break
Multiples / Test 2
15 Sanchia May13:00
16 Margo Smith13:10
Open Horse / Test 2
17 Lyndsey Brown13:20
Open Horse / FEI 3*
18 Ian Bertram13:30

Kindly PRINT your own competitor number in a LARGE and LEGIBLE format.

Anyone on a carriage (i.e. groom as well as driver) must wear hard hats in the cones (and will not be penalised for also wearing hard hats in the dressage).

Don’t forget you must also be wearing hard hats and body protectors for the marathon obstacles.

Please also note that you may take a break in between dressage/cones and the marathon obstacles and are not required to do all 3 phases altogether.

1] The format of the event will be dressage at your scheduled time, followed by the cones and obstacles. There is no allotted time for you to complete the cones and obstacle phases. However, please be courteous to the event organiser and your fellow competitors ensuring that there is an even flow of competitors through the cones and obstacle phases. It is suggested that competitors do dressage followed by cones.

2] Grooms can stand through all phases if they wish.

3] For anyone who wishes, horses / ponies can be led through the water without carriages attached, prior to the event proper.

4] There is no grazing at Dunbog and the owners ask that we respect this

5] No carriages and animals are to be taken along past the Stable buildings to save stress on competing ridden horses. Competitors should use the long way around track.

6] We will post numbers and running order a few days before on the this website. Please would entrants print out their own numbers.

7] We start at 10.00am on Sunday morning

8] Due to the amount of horses around, any dogs must be fully under control at all times.