SCDA vaccination requirements for events

Includes: Clinics, Grassroots, Club, Regional and National/International

Updated 7th August 2019

The SCDA Directors have taken further advice and have agreed that each event will use their venue requirement as their benchmark.

Lourin FairAnnual
Townfoot6 months
Clinics –Townfoot and Seacliff6 months

With our mix of venues, where we are all guests, and yards that our equines come from, it seems sensible to protect our equines’ welfare as best we can, and comply with the yard regulations so that our venues are as protected as much as possible.

To aid organisers please send a photo of your vaccination pages and the front cover of your passport to the SCDA secretary as soon as your equine complies with this protocol
07833 712133

by email/text with your name attached.

effective 1 January 2019 
Article 1003
Equine Influenza Vaccination Requirements

  1. All proprietary Equine Influenza vaccines are accepted by the FEI, provided the route of administration complies with the manufacturer’s instructions (i.e. intramuscular injection or intranasal).
  2. An initial Primary Course of two vaccinations must be given; the second vaccination must be administered within 21-92 days of the first vaccination.
  3. The first booster must be administered within 7 calendar months following the date of administration of the second vaccination of the Primary Course.
  4. Booster vaccinations must be administered at a maximum of 12 month intervals however Horses competing in Events must have received a booster within 6 months +21 days (and not within 7 days) before arrival at the Event.
  5. Horses may compete 7 days after receiving the second vaccination of the primary course. 6. Horses that have received the Primary Course prior to 1 January 2005 are not required to fulfil the requirement for the first booster, providing there has not been an interval of more than 12 months between each of their subsequent annual booster vaccinations.

Please get your entries in on time!

A polite message to all competitors…

Get your entries in on time!!!

It is even more difficult this year with the Equine Flu vaccinations/passports having to be checked at all events.

Please make a (very late) 2019 New Year’s Resolution and send entries as soon as you can, and ALWAYS before the closing date.